"The Journey Is The Destination"

Launched August 01, 2000, by entrepreneur, media designer, and composer Ed Melendez, Fiveshock began as a relatively simple idea. Early on, Fiveshock wanted to create something unique. Something tangible in the age of an ever-growing virtual world. It was the tail end of what was known as the DOT.com boom. Fiveshock wanted to create a company that could use every element of what would become the “New Media Revolution” and take those elements to help build new and rebuild existing businesses and brands.

Fiveshock’s first challenge was to create a practical philosophy. To put together a distinct company vision and mission and then implement an effective and focused strategy. After many ideas and multiple think sessions. Fiveshock came up with the approach, which they now call “Shocking All Five Senses.” This method has helped Fiveshock become cogent and a creative force in the building of business brands. Fiveshock’s ability to develop and deploy relevant and intuitive design that is accessible to the masses is what has set them apart.

Fiveshock’s first client was GPS start-up, Vector 1020. Soon after that project’s completion, Fiveshock acquired many clients in the Los Angeles talk radio industry. Initially garnering Southern California radio icon, Marc Germain, also known to many fans, as Mr. KFI, and later Mr. KABC. His new site launched in 2001, which brought Fiveshock to the attention of the best-selling author, national radio host, and television personality (Moral Court, The Larry Elder show) Larry Elder. Better known to his listeners as, The Sage from South Central. From that point, Fiveshock found itself working with best-sellng author and Fox News Commentator Tammy Bruce, building her very first online website.

Following the 2001 election, Fiveshock met television writer (WKRP, Married with Children, Full House, Mike Hammer) and Red Eye Radio host Doug McIntyre. Fiveshock developed Doug’s online presence, as well as his Red Eye Radio online store.

Fiveshock soon found itself building and managing websites for the entire three pm-midnight weekday lineups at KABC radio in Los Angeles. Additional radio hosts would later include Al Rantel, Kim Serafin, and San Diego KGO radio host Steve Yuhas.

In 2005 Fiveshock would be sought after by California radio personality Martha Montelongo and build her online presence. During this time, Fiveshock was also brought on board to design, develop, and deploy the “Yes” on Proposition 90 California ballot initiative.

Fiveshock then saw the need to add motion and animation to their bag of tricks. Creating animation and movies for organizations such as the YMCA, and Disney Designer, Amy Senstad among others.

Soon a need to expand what Fiveshock could offer became apparent. It was in 2006, Fiveshock brought into its arsenal a sound and scoring component. Sound designing become a very welcomed addition to many of Fiveshock’s new clients. Since that time. Fiveshock has composed, recorded, and written scores for many projects, small television productions, independent films, radio jingles. In addition, music for product commercials and independent documentaries.

In 2008 Fiveshock would also find itself scoring for new video game developer, bakno, writing original scores for many new games such as MahJong, Punk Trader, Xplorer, and Island Racer.

Over the next few years, Fiveshock would continually be sought-after by many new start-up businesses, political voices, and new television personalities. Such as Bravo reality star Dr. Venus Nicolino of L.A. Shrinks. Fiveshock would also work with such established corporations as Yamaha and SONY. The surge would not end there as Fiveshock began working closely with haircare entrepreneur Israel Barrera of Cabella Hair. Additional clients such as EZStepper Horse Shoes and GeckoPad, among others, would launch their new brands with Fiveshock as well.

In 2017 Fiveshock Design launched the independent scoring/composing and production house, The Minstrel. Fiveshock has focused on a more direct and deliberate presence around music composition. This new element of Fiveshock Design now allows users access to Fiveshock’s complete audio library of scores and a subscription option to access them.

It continues to be an epic journey, and the journey is the destination. Fiveshock has more to accomplish. Ever on the cutting edge, Fiveshock is looking forward to the next decade and beyond.

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